Diet Hack: Cold Roasted Green Beans

A great sub for salty, carby snacks. Buy a bag of pre-trimmed haricot verts , toss onto a foil-lined, rimmed sheet pan. (foil = no dish washing) Toss with oil, dried herbs or spices, kosher salt, pepper, sliced shallot if you’ve got it, spread to one layer (up to 2 lbs per full size pan) .  425F for 15 minutes, take out while still crunchy but starting to brown at ends.  Cool, taste for salt. Serve hot or eat leftovers cold. I like them quite salty and to eat them with my fingers to appease my taste for pretzels and potato chips.  Spice ideas: lemon pepper, dried basil, herbs de provence, aleppo pepper, szichuan pepper, red chile flakes.

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